A bit of John Grisham and Friends

I'm back by the sea for now, as I house and pet sit for a friend. I'd planned do some serious writing and even brought down a hard copy of some manuscripts that have been on the 'to do pile' for a lot longer than I care to admit. On the way I even bought … Continue reading A bit of John Grisham and Friends

The Importance Of Notebooks

I love my notebooks, and while I do have a fondness for the simplicity of a Moleskine, the price doesn’t always justify the functionality. I have to admit every now and then, I buy nice leather bound notebooks that I ‘save’ for when I have an amazing idea for a new book, or when I … Continue reading The Importance Of Notebooks

My essential writing tools

Recently, I was reminded of the power of the pen and a pad of paper. My MacBook decided to have a rest (courtesy of a loose cable that I couldn't have prevented, and a one in a billion chance that it happened to me), and for 72-hours I relied on my jotter pad, and a … Continue reading My essential writing tools