A bit of John Grisham and Friends

I’m back by the sea for now, as I house and pet sit for a friend. I’d planned do some serious writing and even brought down a hard copy of some manuscripts that have been on the ‘to do pile’ for a lot longer than I care to admit. On the way I even bought not one, but two new notebooks (even though I brought three with me!), yet only one has been touched.

I went for a couple of walks along the beach and coastline while the weather held for some inspiration, and also to make the most of the fresh sea air. Instead, I contemplated my life and relished in the absolute freedom I am so fortunate to have for a few days. My friends have Netflix and I ashamedly binge watched a series, caught up on a couple of films that I had missed at the cinema (there are many), instead of writing. When it came to something to watch whilst I was eating, ‘Friends’ was the obvious choice; light hearted and not too long at about 20 minutes per episode. I’ve just watched S1, episode 4, “The One With George Stephanopoulos”  and it’s where they talk about not having a plan, and what to do if things don’t work out. I remember back then, many of us could identify with that and still do to this day. It’s normal to want to have a plan and want it to work out, but in reality it doesn’t always work out that way. The thing is we do learn to cope, yet it scars us a little and that’s why sometimes as you get older you are afraid to take chances once you’ve experienced loss. Loss is no fun, but it does make you tougher eventually, although more skeptical of humanity.

I bought a John Grisham novel with me too, ‘The Racketeer’ as I can read his novels in one swoop and usually within a few days. He never disappoints, and as much as I enjoy his characters, I’m not inspired as yet to write legal dramas. I much prefer to read them or watch old episodes of Law and Order. Reading for pleasure is a luxury; back in my school and college days there were deadlines and the need to underline or highlight themes, quotes, and in the case of Jane Austen try and stay awake while reading them. I forgot how much I enjoy reading purely because I want to rather than having to. I’m sure that it has ruined many books for me in the past, and I still prefer physical books to the e-books. There’s just something so satisfying when you reach the end of a chapter and then have the perfect excuse to grab a lemon drizzle shortcake and a chocolate truffle to keep you going.

Somehow, the morning spent reading and watching Netflix clears the way for an evening of writing. Being back by the sea helps to motivate and inspire me. Now to choose which notebook or notebooks to use…


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