Writing Upon Reflection

Does writing upon reflection yield better results than writing on the spot? Do you over think, or become too emotional in that your writing may become biased or overly sentimental? Recently, I visited an old University friend, and its one of those friendships that you can pick up instantly despite not having seen each other … Continue reading Writing Upon Reflection

A bit of John Grisham and Friends

I'm back by the sea for now, as I house and pet sit for a friend. I'd planned do some serious writing and even brought down a hard copy of some manuscripts that have been on the 'to do pile' for a lot longer than I care to admit. On the way I even bought … Continue reading A bit of John Grisham and Friends

Writing when you are sick!

The flu season has come early, and while I haven't had the flu for many years I occasionally get a mild sniffle or cough despite my best efforts to stay germ free when I am out and about. It's been nearly three weeks since the nagging cough has been around, and I am to blame … Continue reading Writing when you are sick!

When you discover Time has stood still

When you're wrapped up in writing and creating your own world of characters and events, it's all too easy to forget time, and with that can come a scary dose of reality when it hits you. I picked up a calendar the other day to write down a few dates to remind myself of early … Continue reading When you discover Time has stood still

People Watching And Hugh Grant, The Queue Jumper

I like to people watch, there, I admit it, and subconsciously choose the best place in a café to do so, but I’m not nosy and never intentionally eavesdrop. In fact I get annoyed when I overhear loud or unnecessary conversations, or annoying voices, and throw a Paddington Bear stare in their direction, not that … Continue reading People Watching And Hugh Grant, The Queue Jumper

The Importance Of Notebooks

I love my notebooks, and while I do have a fondness for the simplicity of a Moleskine, the price doesn’t always justify the functionality. I have to admit every now and then, I buy nice leather bound notebooks that I ‘save’ for when I have an amazing idea for a new book, or when I … Continue reading The Importance Of Notebooks

Getting Others To Understand Writing Is Not A 9 to 5 Job

I have an elderly neighbor I help out, and each day she asks me if I’ve finished writing my novel, and it’s hard to stay patient with her. There are some things you just don’t ask a writer, ever and that is one such question! In life there are times when you wait for the … Continue reading Getting Others To Understand Writing Is Not A 9 to 5 Job